The Worldwide Fellowship Savoy Natives (UMAS, Union Mondiale des
Associations de Savoyards) produced this Website to provide information on activities
organised by the fellowships of natives of Savoy which are run in several
French cities (Paris, Lyon...) and aim at promoting greater understanding of
Savoy as it is today.
These fellowships bring together persons born in the ancient dukedom of
Savoy, i.e. the Savoie (Chambéry) and Haute-Savoie départements, and cover
social and  cultural meetings, the latter highlighting regional history, genealogy,
choral groups... Activities are open to everyone interested in Savoy,
wishing to  take part in the activities organised by fellowships.

UMAS keeps in contact with other fellowships which share similar aims.
This is the case of Association Savoie-Argentine where contacts are
organised with descendants of the numerous Savoy natives who settled in Argentina
during the 1857-1900 period.

The reader will find Web links with these fellowships on the "Associations" page.

Whereas  a number of Web site URL's are to be found on the "Favourite Web sites"